Team Member Spotlight

A Fully Engaged Leader

Hampton Inn | Hilton Garden Inn West Palm Beach

Dedication, loyalty, leadership, and willingness to Go Beyond is what makes her hotels successful.

The Interstate value that most closely aligns with my own values is Think Like a Guest, Act Like an Owner

That’s how I view my hotels and it is something I have always believed in.

~Amrit H.

As the Area General Manager at the Hampton Inn and Hilton Garden Inn West Palm Beach, Amrit Hoffer is always fully engaged with her guests, associates and ownership.  A perfect day for her is when her guests and associates are all happy.

Amrit is incredibly selfless with a passion to go beyond for guests and her team – qualities that make for an exceptional Interstate general manager.  In January 2018, she faced a challenge for her team, transitioning her hotels to a new management company during peak season, which if not handled right could have been extremely disruptive. However, she displayed outstanding leadership skills, jumping right in and persisting through the transition with her team while  learning how to operate in a new culture and adapting to new systems.

Amrit started her 22-year career looking to balance a job with her college courses, first as Breakfast Attendant at the Best Western in Long Island, NY, where she quickly progressed to Front Desk Attendant for another two years. She rose to Front Desk Supervisor at the Hotel Giraffe in New York City for three years, then as Front Office Manager back in Long Island at the Hilton Garden Inn.  While there, Amrit took on various positions over nine years, holding Operations Manager and Assistant General Manager roles to learn and advance her career.

Amrit has since risen to Area General Manager. It was her prior work experience in various positions that helped her gain a well-rounded perspective on the industry and hotel operations, earning a promotion to General Manager in 2009. Over the years, Amrit and her team have consistently received recognition for exceptional hotel performance. In 2018, Amrit was recognized with an Interstate pinnacle award: General Manager of the Year (Select Service Division).

Along the way, Amrit learned leadership lessons from her bosses, mentors and her parents. For her, a good leader supports the team, providing the necessary resources and tools. They stay persistent, go after their passion and spend time doing things that are important to to them without getting distracted by unnecessary complications.  Above all, Amrit believes that a good leader should:

Inspect what you expect. Spend time with your entire team. Treat everyone with respect.

~Amrit H.